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Your teachers

Morten Egtvedt and Cecilie Køste were early adopters of clicker training and are Scandinavia´s leading authors on this technology. They are also well known in USA after teaching at ClickerEXPO for several years. 

With their flat-coated retrievers, Morten and Cecilie have been top competitors in obedience and tracking. They have qualified for the Norwegian Championships many times with a bronsemedal as their best result. Morten and Ceci also have 20 years of experience with training search and rescue dogs.

In addition to competing with her dogs, Cecilie competes in show jumping with her two clicker trained horses.

Morten also has trained dogs for military service for 15 years and is a certified dog training instructor in the Norwegian Army (clicker training is NOT only for training cute tricks, if you still believed that!).

Morten is a trained biologist with a degree in psychology. Cecilie is a medical doctor in the field of child psychiatry.

Morten and Cecilie are chief instructors for Canis Clickertraining Academy who offers 100% clickertraining classes in more than 30 cities in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, focusing not only on the average dog trainer, but on using clicker training to win in competitions. 

Want to host a seminar with Morten & Cecilie?

Do you want to host a seminar with Morten and Cecilie or some of the other instructors at Canis Clickertraining Academy? We do a limited number of seminars in other countries around the world each year. Please contact us at more information.

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